Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study

Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study began in 1995 at Wythenshawe Hospital (UHSM) and is a birth cohort study designed to help us understand why some people develop asthma and allergies whilst others do not. The ~ 1000 young people (currently aged 16-18 years) who are followed in the study were recruited before they were born, from antenatal clinics at Wythenshawe and Stepping Hill Hospitals and the study team are immensely grateful to all participants and their families for the dedication they have shown to the study over the years.

To find out more about the study design, look at the research section. Links to the many research papers that we have published in scientific journals can be found in the papers section. We are grateful to the research councils and charities that have supported this project over the last 20 years and links to them can be found on the links page. Information about study team members is on the profiles page.